Wednesday, August 05, 2015

2015 US Trans Survey Launches August 19

When the National Transgender Discrimination Survey launched in 2011 and its findings were ensconced in a report entitled Injustice At Every Turn, little did the almost 7000 people who filled out that survey in 2008-2009 realize that their answers would help be a catalyst for change and drive the trans movement forward.

I used that sobering data repeatedly when it was time to lobby or write articles for the blog, and the 2011 NTDS survey served as a snapshot of the US trans community that has had far reaching policy implications.

Now NCTE is gearing up to do so again with the 2015 version of what has now been renamed the US Trans Survey.   It kicks off August 19 with the goal of getting 20,000 trans people to take the survey.

I'm urging all trans folks, and especially trans people of color around the country to take the time to fill this out because it is that important.   If want data about the lives of trans people of color to show up in the subsequent reports that will be generated from this survey, then we need to represent and do so.

The data collected in the US Trans Survey will go toward pushing policymakers, organizations, and lawmakers to do the right thing for trans Americans, and help researchers compile that 2015 snapshot of trans Americans we'll be relying on for that work of advancing our human rights cause until it's time for the next one in 2019..

So when August 19 gets here (and that date is rapidly approaching), let's at least double the amount of people taking this year's survey, and let's also strive to get participation in all 50 states so we can get statewide data to peruse for your various states as well.

But in order for that to happen, you must participate. You can hit the link at to do so when it goes live, and make sure you share it with other trans people in your influence circles.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Moni Goes To City Hall Again!

I missed the fun last Tuesday, but I'm in the house for this week's Houston City Council public comment session that starts at 2 PM and may be just as contentious as the one last week.

Team Defend HERO will be in the house to insist our councilmembers keep the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance on the books.   They have until August 24, no thanks to a partisan Texas Republican Supreme Court order to either repeal the ordinance or put it on the ballot.

Well, I'll be there live tweeting it until it's time for me to speak, and the proceedings will also be televised and available via a live feed on HTV for those of you who wish to follow the action online.

Once again Team HERO and I will be in the Houston City Council champers to remind our city council leaders and the haters that discrimination's time in Houston has expired, and discrimination is bad for business.

Happy Birthday To The Best POTUS Ever

Yep, today is President Barack Obama's 54th birthday.   The best US president ever and the best ever on trans human rights issues was born on this date in Honolulu, HI in 1961.

The birthers still dispute that, but frack them, they aren't wrapped too tight anyway.   Just the sight of the Black man in the Oval Office since 2009 has sent them off the deep end into a seething Confederate flag waving rage.   And I love every minute of it.

Oops, I think i just described his Republican Party opposition and not the birthers.  My bad.

This man is the best president ever.  Stopped a second Great Depression from happening.  Got Osama Bin Laden.  Dow is at record highs.  Passed the Affordable Care Act.  Restored respect for our country on the world stage.and is smarter than the average Republican.

And he gets to celebrate one more birthday next year at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hope he's getting a chance to enjoy it with the FLOTUS and First daughters before he has to handle whatever business is on his schedule for today.  

Arrest Made In India Clarke Case

India Clarke, Keith Gaillard
There has been an arrest made in the India Clarke case.

18 year old Tampa resident Keith Gaillard turned himself in to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office on July 28.  He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, and one count of possession of a firearm.

Police investigators have declined to cite a motive in the case (transphobic hate) but believe that he knew the 25 year old Clarke, who was found dead on July 21 from a single gunshot wound to the head.
Detectives found a fingerprint on a cigar wrapper inside Clarke's car, and Gaillard's public Facebook profile allegedly showed him showing off a small-caliber revolver, the sheriff's office said. .

Will keep y'all updated as to whether justice is served in this case.

The 40th And Last MichFest

The 40th and last Michigan Womyn's Music Festival starts today and runs in the Hart, MI area until August 9.   After 40 years, it is being shut down by its founder, longtime TERF oppressor Lisa Vogel with rivers of white womyn tears being shed over its self inflicted demise.

People have asked me as a longtime critic of the Trans Exterminationalist (Exclusionary) Radical Feminists and MichFest in general how do I feel about that.

As a trans woman targeted by people indoctrinated on '''The Land' who leave after the Hate On Trans Womyn Convening to take that transphobia they honed there into the real world, all I have to say is this

So long!  See ya!  Adios!  Good riddance to transphobic rubbish! 

Makes me so happy to see it happening after 40 years I feel like popping open that bottle of champagne I was saving for a special occasion and dancing.

But let's be real for a moment.   It didn't have to happen this way.   All Lisa Vogel and MichFest had to do was evolve.  They hypocritically let trans men in the gates, but refused to do so for trans women, and they paid the price for their lack of inclusive vision. 

Women who believed that ALL women should be on The Land tried and failed to get that policy changed, and eventually stopped coming.  Many artists because of the blatant transphobia like the Indigo Girls, Nona Hendryx and Lea DeLaria stopped coming or refused to play MichFest.

Through it all, Vogel denied there was a trans feminine exclusion policy and obstinately clung to those transphobic disco era ways like a wino clutching her last bottle of MD20/20.

So when you womyn-born-womyn are crying those rivers of vanillacentric privileged tears and looking for somebody to blame for your little anti-trans hate party shutting down forever in a few days, look in the mirror first, and then at Lisa Vogel. .   .  

Y'all have fun being stuck in the 70's for the last time on The Land.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Positively Trans Survey Launched

T+ simple logo
Thanks to the Transgender Law Center, a groundbreaking survey was launched today that has the goal of assessing the needs of our trans community members living with HIV.

It is a first-of-its-kind community-led needs assessment to examine the legal and policy landscape as experienced by transgender women, men, and gender non-conforming people living with HIV/AIDS across the country. The survey is open for responses in English and in Spanish.

“As transgender people living with HIV/AIDS, we are capable of forming our own network, telling our own stories, and developing our own strategies for advocacy,” said Cecilia Chung, Senior Strategist at Transgender Law Center and project lead for Positively Trans. “This survey is a groundbreaking opportunity to not only highlight our needs, but also our resilience when there are few resources available. We are ready to offer policy makers, providers and legislators our own solutions.”

The survey was developed in partnership with the project’s nine National Advisory Board members from across the country — Arianna Lint, Channing-Celeste Wayne, Dee Dee Chamblee, Milan Sherry, Octavia Lewis, Ruby Corado, Tela Love, Teo Drake, and Tommi J. Luckett — the majority of whom are trans women of color living with HIV.

“This survey is for us and will not be done without us,” said T+ National Advisory Board member Tiommi P. Luckett of Arkansas. “Every trans woman and man living with HIV should fill out this survey because we need people to know that we’re here, and that we can develop our own solutions and strategies to take care of ourselves.”

So if you are a trans person living with HIV, this survey is for you.   Please take a moment to fill it out and let your voice be heard.   We advocates and allies need to have solid data and statistics on trans people living with HIV that we can take to federal, state and local governmental officials, provider organizations and policy makers to help make a reality the solutions and strategies you come up with.

Here's the Positively Trans survey link, available in English and Spanish.   

TransGriot Update: Participants in the Positively Trans Survey have an opportunity to enter a drawing in which 8 people will receive a Visa Gift card worth either $250, $100, or $50.

TERF's Now Come In The Sellout Kneegrow Variety

One of the things I'm consistently amused by is the lengths the TERF's will go to hate on little ol' truth telling about their azzes me.

They know that I will swiftly point out their TERF ranks are chock full of predominately white stuck in the 70's females with massive privilege, a boulder sized rock on their shoulders, and mad they weren't born as white men with the power to oppress people at the same level.

They have tried and failed to confront me over the years because they are similar in their thought processes to right wing Republicans in that they are stuck in reciting their convoluted devoid of logic dogma.  I have over a decade of practice in deconstructing their BS while giving zero phucks calling them out as they cry tasty vanilla flavored White Women's Tears.

So they tried a new tactic and sent the TERF Kneegrow Auxiliaries after yours truly. 

Seriously?  If Moni gives zero phucks in calling you white womyn gone wild out, what made you think I was gonna go easy on your Kneegrow TERF Auxiliaries?

The first one was someone I used to know in the Louisville progressive activist community who went to the Hart, MI Hatefest, stepped on 'The Land' and is now spouting their rhetoric.  She complained in a post I had written on my FB page a month ago that 'TERF was a slur', and I patiently tried to point out to Tanisha it wasn't.

You're probably driving to The Land for the last MichFest, so let me repeat it for you once again.

TERF stands for Trans Exterminationalist (Exclusionary) Radical Feminist, and it is a truth in advertising label created by feminists tired of y'all so called 'gender critical feminists' contaminating their brand.

You don't like the TERF description, take it up with your fellow feminists. If you don't want to be called a TERF, there's a simple pathway to follow to not be called one.  Don't emulate their reprehensible behavior or spout their transphobic rhetoric and we trans folks won't have to call you out about it. 

Am I happy this is the last MichFest?  You damned skippy!   I and other trans women are gleefully celebrating the self inflicted demise of an event that was founded by a longtime trans oppressor and transphobe in Lisa Vogel.   It unfortunately was molded in her TERF image to train cis women like you to hate trans people.

And I'm saddened you drank the TERF Kool-Aid.

If you are too clueless as a Black woman to not see the over four decades of TERF oppression of trans womyn (or are deliberately choosing to ignore it) and side with white womyn stuck in the 70's that hate your Black behind, too then you can exit my Facebook page and never speak to me again.

The second kneegrow I'm about to put on blast is one I was warned about by Diwa Cain, one of my Seattle based BTAC brothers.  He shot me a Facebook message a month ago expressing his concerns about Jaqueline Sephora Andrews, a local Black(?)  trans woman who has been saying some jacked up anti-trans crap that has him and other Seattle area trans leaders concerned .

Andrews calls herself a 'gender critical transwoman' which is the latest TERF speak codeword for " I'm gonna be as transphobic as I wanna be."   The fact a trans woman calls herself that is laughable and mind numbingly delusional at best.

Andrews has attacked and repeatedly misgendered Caitlyn Jenner, thrown barbs at Janet Mock up to calling her a misogynist, expressed support for anti-trans bathroom bills and leveled an attack at Jazz Jennings and by extension all trans kids by claiming that their parents allowing them and other trans kids to transition is child abuse. 

And she got my attention and subsequently got on my bad side by misgendering moi and Fallon Fox on Twitter.  That's NOT a place you need to or should ever want to be.

If you wanted my attention, you self hating rhymes with itch, now your cookie chomping sellout ass has got it, sir.. Caitlyn, Janet and Jazz and her family are going to take the high road and ignore your azz. 

I'm going WMMA on your clueless Uncle Ruckus wannabe behind  

One thing I despise more than racists and human rights oppressors is kneegrow sellouts who collude with them for whatever reason.   And I damned sure don't like Jaqueline, an (alleged) Black trans woman gleefully spouting TERF rhetoric.   It's especially problematic that you're doing so on your two bit three hit so-called blog that I'm not even going to link to for your TERF/HBS/-TS separatist fuckery after people in the Seattle area have tried to reason with you and point out what you are saying is some phucked up crap.

Your ass has never been to a trans conference, much less interacted with your local trans community, and you have the nerve to spout harmful TERF rhetoric at people who are doing more to advance the human rights of trans people and especially trans people of color than your shady azz.

Who the phuck are you to insult Jazz, Janet, Fallon, Caitlyn and moi, who have done more collectively and individually to advance the human rights of transpeople of all ethnic backgrounds than your no interaction with the Seattle trans community don't know and don't care when you started transitioning behind?

So let me put this in terms I'm sure you'll understand:  Get thee behind me TERF wannabe Satan.

And you know you've earned a Shut Up Fool Award nomination for this week as well.

Happy Birthday Eden Lane!

Couldn't let today pass without giving a TransGriot birthday shout out to my trailblazing Denver based television producing sis in Eden Lane.

I say trailblazing because she is the first out trans reporter and journalist to cover a national political convention.  She covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention for PBS when it came to Denver.

She has also produced the show In Focus with Eden Lane for the last seven years on Colorado Public Television, and is seeking to raise $15,000 to produce another season of the weekly show that focuses on the local arts scene in Denver and the state of Colorado as she works on other media projects..

And if her name seems familiar to you, you have probably seen Eden's insightful commentary pop up recently on CNN and other television shows. 

Lane was also recently voted by readers of the local Westworld  newspaper as the 'Best Non-Network Television Personality', and I definitely hope she gets the birthday present of a major network or local station in the Denver area giving her an on-air job.

Happy birthday Eden!  May your special day find you enveloped in love, be a stress free one, and you receive the ultimate gift of celebrating many more of them.

And so looking forward to the next time we get to spend some quality time together.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Registration Now Open For BTAC 2016!

Dee Dee Watters and I zooming past our old hotel on the DART  light rail (and I'm not kidding about the zooming part) on our way to and from Richardson and the just concluded TTNS reminded me that the clock is ticking toward the next time the BTAC family gathers in the Dallas Ft.Worth area for the 2016 Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

The theme for 2016 is 'Thinking and Speaking A Better World' and the dates are April 25-May 1 for this fifth annual edition of it.   The BTAC will have a new hotel hosting it.the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria.   Personally I'm gonna miss the Doubletree Campbell Center, especially since it was on the DART Red and Orange light rail lines, had great views of the downtown Dallas skyline and was an easy trip from the downtown Dallas Megabus dropoff point for me, but sometimes change is necessary for your event to evolve and be positioned for greater success and growth.

Wow, it has been five years for this growing event in which I have been a part of since 2013 when I was asked to be a keynote speaker that year. 

Since it happens so close to Cuatro De Mayo (my birthday) and it's just a four hour drive or Megabus ride up I-45 from me, it has quickly become one of my fave conferences. 

It's also one of the few national conferences in which you get to meet many of our Black trans masculine and trans feminine leaders.  We were also honored to have some trans folks from Brazil, Panama and other places in the African diaspora in the house in 2015, and hope that trend line continues.

And trans women, did I mention all the handsome trans men that will be in the house?  Okay, just wanted to make sure I pointed that out.

I'm not only planning on being there but hopefully taking a more active role in BTAC 2016.  I plan on doing two seminars in 2016 and looking forward to administering more dominoes beatdowns at Family Fun Day  

You have been warned. 

And yes, it goes without saying that cis and trans community allies are also enthusiastically welcomed to attend BTAC 2016.  If you wish to have further information about BTAC 2016, you can click on the following link to do so.

Hope i do see y'all in the BTAC 2016 house.

See y'all in Dallas in a few months for BTAC 2016.  Looking forward to checking out the new hotel, seeing my.BTAC family and meeting more allies during that extended birthday celebration weekend for me.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

2015 TTNS UT-Dallas -Day 2

Day 2 of the 7th annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit kicks off on the UT-Dallas campus with a block of concurrent sessions before we move into the keynote speech by Dr. Heather Snow.

And yeah, I get to stop playing reporter for a moment and do a session later this afternoon starting at 1:05 PM on 'Contemporary Texas Transgender History'

Congratulations DFW area!   You stepped up and broke the all time attendance record with 70 attendees for yesterday`s session.

You folks at Texas A&M Central Texas in Killeen will have some work to do to beat that for #TTNS16

So if you're in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex, looking to get your learn on about what you can do to advance trans human rights in Texas school districts, colleges and universities and meet a bunch of cool people from around the state while doing so, you may wish to swing by the UT Dallas campus in Richardson.

The UT Dallas campus address is 800 W. Campbell Rd. and hope to see you there in the UTD Student Union building .

Friday, July 31, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards-Chillin' At TTNS 2015 Edition

UT Dallas Logo - Color
I'm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the seventh edition of the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit that is taking place as you read this at on the UT-Dallas campus.

We are at lunch right now,  and we have heard our TTNS Day 1 keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Sutton give an interesting and well received speech to the people in attendance as I think about my seminar tomorrow.

But today is Friday, so it`s time to get to our normal weekly business and call out the fool, fools or groups of fools for our illustrious award

Not going to tease you this week with a long list of fools that were in contention for this week's award, I'm going to get down to SUF 'bidness' and let you know who won it.

This week`s Shut Up  Fool Award winner is Mike Huckabee.

Whether he was violating Godwin`s Law by invoking concentration camp imagery in his critique of President Obama and the Iran nuke deal to saying something else offensive about the trans community being able to serve in our country's military, and tripling down on it while continuing to defend pedophile Josh Duggar.

And on that note, Huckabee can have several seats and a heartfelt Shut Up Fool from moi.

2015 TTNS UT-Dallas - Day 1

UT Dallas Logo - Color
The 7th annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit gets cranked up on the UT-Dallas campus this it continues its ongoing mission of working to enact  transgender friendly non discrimination policies and procedures in Texas school districts, colleges and universities.

And hey DFW, let's see if y'all can break the all time TTNS attendance record that was set last year when Texas State University in San Marcos, TC hosted it.

The fun gets started with an opening breakfast, the TTNS opening ceremonies, and a keynote speech by Dr. Stephen Sutton before we dive into the Day 1 sessions.  

In case you're wondering, yes, I will be teaching a seminar, but it happens tomorrow.   Today I'm in reporter mode.

This is the second consecutive year the TTNS has ventured from its home base territory in the Houston area, and the first time it has been in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex. 

Would love to see you at the UT Dallas Student Union building, and the campus is located in Richardson, TX at 800 W. Campbell Rd.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moni's Arrived In Dallas!

Well, actually I'm in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX.   I'm chillin' at the hotel and getting ready for the 7th edition of the Texas Transgender Non Discrimination Summit that will be held on the UT-Dallas campus starting tomorrow.

This year's sponsors in addition to UT-Dallas are Rainbow Guard UTD, UTD Pride, and the Gallerstein Women's Center.

This is the second straight year the TTNS has hit the road and began to do what founder Josephine Tiittsworth and the board envisioned for it when it started back in 2009.   It not only is helping to push for trans inclusive non discrimination policies on Texas college and university campuses and school districts, it is also being held in different parts of the state as it does so.

It';s been fun to witness the growth of the TTNS since I became aware of it in 2010, and I'm not only eager to teach my own seminar on Saturday, I'm looking forward to seeing if the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex can break the all time TTNS attendance record set just last year when Texas State hosted it. 

And did I get my Slurpee on the way to the hotel?    What do you think?

TransGriot Update: I not only got my Slurpee at the DART St. Paul Station 7-Eleven, I qualified for a free one during that visit to the DFW`area. There were two walking distance 7-Elevens in walking distance on either side of my hotel in Richardson, and my app got a workout.

Arizona Cardinals Hire First Ever NFL Female Coaching Staff Member

When the Arizona Cardinals gather at University of Phoenix Stadium for their first training camp practice on August 1, there will be a woman standing on the sidelines watching practice, and she won't be holding a mike, be a player or coach's wife or a cheerleader.

The Arizona Cardinals have hired 37 year old Dr. Jen Welter for their training camp as a linebacker coaching intern  

Welter played 14 years professionally as a linebacker and running back, and one year against the boys in the the Champions Indoor Football League for the Dallas based Texas Revolution as a running back and special teams player before moving to coaching.

Welter has some impressive credentials besides actually playing football.   She is a Boston College grad with a master's degree in sports psychology and a doctorate in psychology.

So yeah, are the NFL boys ready for her?  If she can make them better players, they don't care.   And if the Cardinals like what they see, this training camp hire could turn into a full season gig for her.

Coaching is nothing more than teaching,” cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians said Monday. “One thing I have learned from players is, ‘How are you going to make me better? If you can make me better, I don’t care if you’re the Green Hornet, man, I’ll listen.’ I really believe she’ll have a great opportunity with this internship through training camp to open some doors for

At any rate, she's not only making history, but potentially opening doors for herself and other women who wish to have coaching careers in the NFL.

Mon's Getting On The Bus Again-For The TTNS

The last trip I took was to Dallas for the 2015 Black Trans Advocacy Conference ( BTW, the 2016 BTAC will happen April 25- May 3, so start making your plans now to be there) and it was via Megabus.

Since I returned from Dallas, haven't been traveling as much because I had to sort out housing issues that caused me to decide not to go to this year's Philly Trans Health Conference and Netroots Nation in Phoenix.

The Texas Transgender nondiscrimination Summit  is a trip I've had on my schedule for a while, and haven't missed since I moved back home from Louisville in 2010.  As a matter of fact, the first local event I attended mere weeks after returning home was the TTNS that was hosted by Rice University.

So once again I'm getting on the Megabus in a few hours and heading up I-45 to Dallas, but this time for the 7th annual edition of Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit.

This year it's not only on the road for the second straight year, it's going to take place starting tomorrow for the first time ever in the Dallas-Ft Worth area.   The TTNS will on the UT-Dallas campus in Richardson, TX. in their Student Union building and I'm looking forward to it.

The UT-Dallas campus address is 800 W. Campbell Rd. in Richardson, TX

UT Dallas Logo - Color
What I'm not looking forward to is getting up at the crack of dawn to head downtown for this early morning Megabus departure.   However, getting up that early means I'll be up and out of town before that Houston heat gets cranked up, and it's predicted to be 101 degrees F today.

I'll also have time on that 4 hour ride up I-45 to figure out who gets tomorrow's Shut Up Fool Award.

The other benefit is I'll get there before noon.   When I arrive in Dallas and get to the St Paul DART station a 7 Eleven will be there in which I will eagerly get reacquainted with my fave frozen beverage.

And naw, it's not a margarita, although I'm not gonna lie, it's a close second.

but back to talking about the first ever TTNS in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.  Looking forward to seeing all my friends in the DFW area, and for those of you in the Dallas-Ft Worth area or nearby, we'd love to have you join us.for the 7th annual TTNS starting Friday morning.