Saturday, July 04, 2015

Girl Scouts Return Transphobe`s Donation, Get Paid

`If a girl is recognized by her family, school and community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.`
-Girl Scouts statement welcoming transgender girls

Over the last few years, the Girl Scouts of America have been standup allies for the trans community, and opened their doors so that trans girls can participate.

That support of trans feminine girls created a problem for the Western Washington Girl Scout council and its CEO Megan Ferland recently.

They received a $100K donatiion during their fundraising drive which was a quarter of their fundraising goal.  However, it came with a transphobic string attached.

In a letter she received five weeks later, the donor requested that none of the donated money be used to assist transgender girls, and if they couldn`t guarantee that, the donor wanted their money returned.

Ferland knew because the parents chose to share that information, there are trans girls participating in some Western Washington area troops.  Even though that monetary gift would have allowed 200 fiscally challenged girls to attend summer camp, Ferland quickly returned the money and on June 29 launched a `Girl Scouts is #ForEVERYGirl  Indiegogo campaign with a YouTube video to accompany it in order to replace the funds they lost.

They recouped the money they lost in 24 hours and tripled it, raising $300K, and benefit all girls in the Western Washington area that will need some financial assitance in order to attend camp.

People also supported the campaign on social media, using the #ForEVERYGirl hashtag.

My congrattulations to the Western Washington Girl Scouts, who demonstrated principled leadership,  returned a transphobic donation and were rewarded for it.

I sure would like to know who that transphobe is so they can receive the proper level of scorn they deserve..

But I;m definitely tripling my Girl Scout cookie orde next year.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards-There Go The SCOTUS Judges Edition

It`s the USA`s birthday tomorrow, and some of us have much to celebrate in the wake of the SCOTUS delivering some groundbreaking decisions on marriage equality, preserving Obamacare and even spiking an unjust Texas law that would have forced all but five abortion clinics east of I-35 in the state to close.

However, just before the Supremes bounced from DC until the first Monday in October, they decided to take another affirmative action case from the same suburban Texas white female who was mad because she couldn`t get into UT with jacked up grades.

Can you say `entitled`girls and boys?   Thought you could.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!   Time to rule on that fool, fool or group of fools exhibiting Antomin Scalia levels of biogtry, Clarence Thomas levels of hypocrisy and sellout coonery, John Roberts (no relation) levels of cluelessness and Joseph Alito levels of arrogance.

It`s time for this week`s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up fool awards, SCOTUS style.

Our first honorable mention case is the entire conservafool movement vs marriage equality, and the court finds you went too far off the chain in over the top hyperbole, attempts to enact Massive Resistance 3.0 by refusing to issue marriage licenses across the country, and other acts of conservaignorance I`d need to write a full post to call out.

Honorable mention case number two is Donald Trump vs the Latino community, and this one despite an amicus brief from FOX Noise, the verdict is unanimous that Trump is a bigot.  Univision has pulled out of broacasting the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants he owns,  Mexico has pulled their delegate from the Miss Universe pageant, and NBC Universal has kicked him to the curb from The Apprentice in additon to the pendejo being excoriated by the Latino community and their allies.

Honorable mention case number three is the group one for all the KKKonfederate Flag defenders vs American history.    Another unamimous decision in favor of history and the facts that the Confederate flag represents white supremacy and gray clad group of racists who fought an armed rebellion against the US goverment to keep my people enslaved.  

The South not only started the War To Perpetuate Slavery they lost, the words of the CSA politicians of the day, Confederate VP Alexander Stephens 1861`Cornerstone Speech` and the causes of secession for several states made it quite clear why they did so.

Heritage not hate my azz.

Honorable mention case number four is Frankie Quijano and Houston Pride vs Reality.   In the wake of the historic ruling happening just 24 hours before the first ever downtown pride parade was a reason for optimism, but to claim that 750K people attended the parade and the festival was stretching the boundaris of credibility when the crowd estimates I`d heard was 450K.

Honorable mention case number fiveis Amber Roof vs Class.   She`s the sister of Charleston `terriss` Dylann Roof who was scheduled to get married on June 21 until her Confederate flag waving white supremacist brother walked into a church, killed 9 people and forced her to cancel the wedding.

She put together a self serving GoFundMe campaign to raise the money for her rescheduled wedding, which was canceled after widespread negative backlash `to start their new lives`.

Whiteness at its finest folks.   She`s more concerned about her life,  and her only concern about the nine lives her brother took or how it impacts their families is it ruined her wedding.

Have an arena full of seats, a bless her heart and a nice Southern sweet tea flavored blend of shut the hell up.

This week`s Supreme Fool is Rick Perry.   In addition to running for the GOP presidential nomination for a second time while under indictment, Perry made the mistake of thinking black people are as clueless as the GOP base when he opened his mouth to say that it is the Republican Party who is giing hope to my coomunity.

Snce when?   Yeah, your party is giving hope to Black Americans alright in the contex of we hope you GOP conservajerks lose next year`s election and some house and Senate seats to go with it.    We hope you stop demonizing us.   We hope you stop suppressing our right to vote.   We hope you stop coming up with new ways to insult a POTUS revered by us.

And what was the name of your family`s West Texas hunting lodge again?

Rick Perry, shut up fool!

2015 Williams Watch-On To The Third Round

My fave tennis playing sisters are still cruising toward a Wimbledon quarterfinal clash if the brackets hold up

Okay, what genius set up the brackets so they were on the same side of the ladies singles draw anyway?

One of the other interesting pieces of Williams Sisters related news coming out of The Championships this week was the withdrawal of Venus and Serena from the doubles tournament so they could concentrate on playing singles.

In their second round matches, Serena got past Timea Babos of Hungary in straigght sets 6-4, 6-1 to set up her third round clash with British homegirl Heather Watson.

Venus had to work a little harder, but she also previled in straight sets 7-6 (7-5) 6-4 in her match against Yulia Putintseva.    She gets the Czech Republic`s Aleksandra Krunic, fresh off of springing an upset on Sara Errani.

Can they survive their thrid round matches and treat the tennis world to a Little Sis-Big Sis quarterfinal?   We`ll see.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Don`t Spend Your T-Bills Where You Aren`t Respected

I`ve been busy the last few days moving to the new Casa De Monica, and just started catching up with all the trans news that I need to comment on.

One of those issues I felt the need to comment on is a trans dignity and respect.

I was perusing my Facebook feed and noted a comment from a well known activist who was recounting a transphobic experience she`d had at her local hairdresser.

She was getting her hair done when a converstion started in the shop about last week`s  SCOTUS marriage ruling.   She was stunned and pissed off to hear the beautician working on her hair express a negative reaction to it, and then take a potshot at guys and girls like us by adding that she couldn`t stand people who `changed their sex.`

Little did the transphobic hairdresser know that she was working on the tresses of one of those people she hated.

The person in question didn`t elaborate on how far along she was in the process of getting her hair done at the time the transphobic comment was uttered.   But having been in a similar situation back in the late 90s when I was getting my hair done and another beautician not working on my hair at the time made several derogatory comments about Black Americans (she was Nigerian), I ripped her a new anus.

So what is Moni`s moral in this story?   The bottom line is that if you are so inclined and the situation calls for it, we need to call out disrespectful commentary and negative treatment of trans people.   I understand it`s a judgment call as whether or not you feel safe to do so, but if you are in a reasonably safe space,  put them in check.

How you do it is your call.

Now why am I saying this?  Because the odds are that transphobes aren`t going to let their negative commentary loose unless they think they will have majority support in whateve venue this is happening in.  

If we let transphobic comments slide for whatever set of reasons, then it will happen again to someone else until the transphobe finally gets checked on their nekulturny behavior.

Maybe missing out on some service fees plus tips or getting checked by their supervisor after you have a chat with them will speed up that process

Neither should we trans peeps spend our precious T-bills with people or companies who don`t respect our humanity.  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fallon`s Fighting In Denver Soon!

The last time I got a chance to talk about my fave women`s MMA fighter Fallon Fox  doing her regular job, she had just laid a microwaved 2 minute smackdown in the octagon against one of her loud and wrong transphobic critics Tamikka Brents to bump her record to an impressive 5-1.

Yeah, Brents found out after bumping her gums that Ms. Fox has serious MMA skills.

Fox is also featured in the documentary `Game Face` which will be appearing at a film festival near you soon.

There are also unconfired rumors that a UFC tilt between Fallon Fox and another loud and wrong transphobic critic in unbeaten (11-0) UFC champ Ronda Rousey may be brewing, but no confirmation yet on that from UFC boss Dana White, Rousey or Fox.

But before we get to that hoped for UFC bout, Fallon has work to do in Denver and is already in the gym working hard to get ready for it.

Fox will take on Randi Miller on August 14 in Prize Fighting Championship 10.   More details coming as I get them from the `Queen of Swords`

Hope you peeps and allies in the Denver area will come out and support our WMMA fighting sis because the transphobes are already starting to get cranked up on social media and definitely will be rooting for Miller.

We`ll see what transpires on August 14, but you know I`ll be hoping for another Fallon Fox WMMA win.

2015 Williams Watch-On To Wimbledon`s Second Round

My fave tennis playing siblings got off to a great start on the opening day of `Williams`-don,    The All England Club has been their personal playground throughout their careers and yesterday was a welcome sign to those of us who love Venus and Serena Willaims that their dominance at that hallowed tennis venue would continue.

Sixteenth seeded Venus got off to a wonderful start in this 2015 edition of Wimbledon with a 6-0, 6-0 straight set victory over fellow American Madison Brengle to punch her ticket to the second round.

World number one ranked and top seed Serena also won her opening match in straight sets over Russia`s Maragarita Gasparayan 6-4, 6-1 to get her quest for her first Wimbledon title since 2012 off to a satisfying start.

if Serena continues through to claim the Venus Rosewater Dish,  it would be her third straight Grand Slam title this year and fourth conseccutive one since winning the 2014 US Open.  It would also put her in position to win a calendar year Grand Slam.

But there`s still two weeks of tennis to play before we get to that point.

Monday, June 29, 2015

What Next For Our TBLG Rights Movement?

The parades are over and the street sweepers have done their work to clean up the trash after they ended.   Some of our BTLG peeps said prayers of thanksgiving during Sunday services in TBLG friendly churches while others woke up to hangovers after celebratory partying well into the night in the gayborhoods during a Pride Weekend that occured as a major policy objective was achieved.

Yes, life in America was forever impacted by the landmark SCOTUS ruling that established a fundamental right to marry and allowed many of my gay and lesbian friends in states like Texas hostile to same sex marriage to do so.  It also conferred after a 12 year battle recognition of the marriages of many others who got them in other locales, but the states they resided in refused to do so.

And yes, it reinstated the ability of my trans brothers and trans sisters to get married that we`d had ever since Christine Jorgensen stepped off the plane from Denmark and have them recognized across this nation.

While the landmark SCOTUS ruling is something to celebrate, it still doesnt benefit the vast majority of people who still have to deal with the reality that in 29 states they can be fired for being gay, and 32 states for being transgender.

And as I have said more than a few times, you need money to pay for the wedding license, the wedding chapel, the wedding dress, the wedding tux, the wedding planner, the wedding rings, the wedding reception, and life after the wedding.

So what should our major TBLG policy priority be after marriage?   Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

A full court press now needs to happen to get ENDA passed nationally, and do a local civic and state by state push to enact ENDA-style laws in all 50 states.

Your bi and trans sisters and brothers need their human rights respected, protected amd codified into law.   Trans folks need ASAP the basic human rights protections you GL folks have enjoyed for decades and sometimes got by repeatedly throwing us unde the legislative bus as you did in Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire just to name a few egriegious examples of it

We want as trans men and women the ability to openly serve in our country`s armed forces.  We want the near genocidal slaughter of trans women of color to end along with the end of the problematic incarceration of undocumented trans feminine women in ICE detention centers with cisgender men.

And yes, we trans people, and especially trans people of color, want to be sitting at the power tables in LGBT orgs helping formulate policy.  We need trans elected officials on large city councils, state legislatures and eventually as US senators and congressmembers.

We need to have a human rights wave building that serves to rise all LGBT boats with it, not just the community have mores.   We need to have a movemen that is also invested in being a justice for all movement and not a just-us one.

We also need to be a stand up ally to other groups and movements that supported our causes in ou time of need and not ones that use as an excuse to opt out of them `this isn`t an LGBT issue`.

The right to healthcare is an LGBT issue.   Fighting for economic fairness is an LGBT issue.  The right to vote is an LGBT issue.  Climate change is an LGBT issue.  A woman`s right to choose is an LGBT issue.   Combating racism and sexism is an LGBT issue.

We LGBT peeps need to focus on being a shining example to the rest of straight cisgender America of how to build and sustain an intersectional anti-racist movement and community.

We need to lead and show the nation and the world how to eradicate anti-Blackness, sexism, transphobia, biphobia and racism from our ranks as our contribution to building the `beloved community` that the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr often talked about.

We also have to develop the ability to multitask.  While we focus on solidifying our gains at home, we must also be aware that US based wingers like Scott Lively are spreading their LGBT hate message overseas to where it is unfortunately finding receptive ears and causing problems for our GLBT brothers and sisters in those nations.

As you probably realized by now, it takes sustained effort to achieve policy goals. The hard part is to defend and keep them while under sustained attack by our prevaricating right wing oppressors.

This community is at a crossroads now.  It can either acknowledge that the human rights work in our BTLG ranks is not even close to being done and start working on the next phases of our movement, or it can repeat the mistakes made in Canada after they achieved marriage equality in 2003 and stopped working for policies and legislation that protected the LGBT have nots.

Which path will the American LGBT community take?   I hope it`s the former and not the latter one.

2015 Williams Watch- Welcome To 'Williams'-don

The Gentlemen's Singles Trophy and the Ladies' Singles Trophy at WimbledonIt's the start of the third Grand Slam of the 2015 tennis season in London, known to the world as The Championships, but what I call on these electronic pages 'Williams'-don.

It will run from today until July 12, and the start of it was delayed a week to give players time to adjust to grass from the clay surfaces of Roland Garros.

The All England Club has been such a personal playground for both Venus and Serena they have won a combined ten Ladies Singles titles, five Ladies doubles titles and the 2012 London Games singles and doubles gold medals on those hallowed grass surface courts that seem to be tailor made for their power tennis games.

But the last time world number one Serena took the Venus Rosewater Dish home was in 2012, and Venus' last win was in 2008.  

You can bet both sisters wish to change that dynamic.  Serena lost last year in a third round three set   upset loss to Aliza Cornet, and in 2013 lost a three set battle in the fourth round to runner up Sabine Lisicki.

Venus is hoping that she can get back to playing the consistent tennis she needs to play to make a deep run in a Grand final again.

We will find out as the Wimbledon fortnight progresses.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Trans Peeps Are Just Like You Cis Peeps

Now that our right wing opponents have lost their war on marriage equality, I expect them to shift their time, effort and prodigious funding to attacking the transgender community`s humanity and human rights on a full time basis.

It is the historical nature of conservatism to always find an enemy to organize and rally their troops around to hate.

Once their enemy du jour they pick on grows strong enough to fight back and repeatedly win againsst them, they`ll move on like the bullies they are to pick on somebody else they perceive to be politically and numerically weaker than them to in their minds oppress.

But despite the upturned volume of the Right Wing Noise Machine and their increeasing efforts via FOX Noise and right wing hate radio to demonize trans people, what Americans and the world are beginning to understand is that we trans peeps are part of the diverse mosaic of human life just like cisgender people are.

The right wing will also find out as they engage with us and attempt to halt our human rights progress that we have allies, family and friends who will stand shoulder to shoulder with us to help us fight back against the oppression they wish to impose on us.

We trans people have the same characteristics and personality traits as many of you Homo Sapiens.   We come in all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds.   We live on every inhabited continent on Planet Earth,   We are people who love and wish to be loved by others.  We are gay, bisexual, pansexual, straight and whatever other sexual orientation possible in our species.  

We are beautiful, intelligent, funny, thoughtful and multitalented.   We are writers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, models, teachers, politicians and parents raising kids.

We are proud of the communities and nations we inhabit, and we transpeeps want the best for our kids that we raise.   We want to live our lives to the best of our ability in careers that we love.   We want to be able to fully participate in the  political systems of our nations and create the laws that govern us.   We want to contribute our talents to bulding our societies.  We want to work, pay our fair share of taxes, join a union and get paid a fair wage while doing so.

We transpeople want to be able to worship a higher power in the manner we choose or not attend a church at all without being falsely labeled by demagoging religious leaders as `dangers to mankind`.

And speaking of bearing false witness against trans people, frankly we are tired of right wing adherents of all denominations pushing transphobia from the pulpit and it needs to stop.

We trans people want affordable trans culturally competent health care  that not only features medical practitioners that treat us with dignity and respect, but also realizes that sometimes we come to the doctor to be treated for other medical issues besides trans oriented ones.

And yes, just like in Cisworld, Trans World has people in it who are selfish jerks, mean azzholes , jealous, vindictive....well you get the drift.   Just as you don`t want us broad brush judging you for being transphobes based on the actions of a few nekulturny individuals, we demand the same level of respect from you.

Don`t start no drama with us, won`t be no drama in return.

The bottom line is that trans peeps are just like cis peeps in terms of just wanting to be the best people we can be while we are spending whatever time we have on this space rock.

And what we want in TransWorld is for you in Cis World to acknowledge our common humanity, accept our right to exist, respect our human rights across the globe, and be left alone by you folks who irrationally hate on us so we can get to the daily business of being the men and women of trans experience we are.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A View Of LGBT History

June 26, 2015 will be a day long remembered in history because three landmark gay rights SCOTUS cases were decided on this day.

The day for me started with your fave blogger in the company of Nikki Araguz Loyd and Will Loyd as we headed to the Midtown area law firm of Katine and Nechman for a SCOTUS watch party.

As we arrived, we noted the TV trucks and reporters lurking around the office also anticipating the ruling and waiting for the analysis of Mitchell Katine and John Nechman when it did drop.

We didn`t have to wait long for the ruling.  A little after 9 AM Houston time it started coming over the SCOTUS feed, and it took a few moments for us to realize that not only was this a 5-4 win in our community`s favor, it was also one in which nothing would be the same after it.  

Marriage equality had come to all 50 states, including Texas!

After the celebration and interviews, we decided to head over to the Harris County Courthouse to see if marriage licenses were being issued, since the Texas GOP was huffing and puffing about resisting it until the bitter end.

We arrived a little after noon at the courthouse, and there were already three couples in line to get marriage licenses, but who were being stalled by our Republican county clerk in Stan Stanart.    For the next several hours I watched the clerks being put in the uncomfortable position of denying applicants a marriage license for specious reasons as the news cameras recorded the moment.

Then after a legal world of hurt forced Stanart to stop his attempts to stall the inevitable and two press conferences , marriage licenses began to get issued at 3 PM CDT.

I also got to see the wedding I missed in 2013 between Nikki and Will after they received their marriage license.  I was also honored to see a friend and ally in Daniel Williams marry his longtime partner Jason before bouncing with my friend Sahel Chen, who had joined me at the courthouse to watch the fun and pass out roses to the soon to be married couples, for a rally that started at 5 PM at Discovery Green.

That rally was attended by over 500 people, and featured speakers such as Mayor Annise Parker and other LGBT legislators and aliies.

That day ended for me around 9 PM, and it`s one I won`t soon forget.